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This Kid Hopped Out Of The Car As We Were Skating Down Some Random Street From Fitzroy. I Greeted Him Like I Would Greet Anyone Else, With A Sup Dude And A Head Nod Indicating That This Was Really Awkward For Me. As He Started Talking, I Noticed His Voice Started Cracking And Sounded Milky As If He Was Mumbling A Shitty Song. He Passed His Phone To His Sister Who Took The Photo. As I Put My Arm Around Him For The Photo I Felt His Heart Beat Threw His Shoulder. I Looked At Him, His Eyes Started To Water Up. I Told Him ‘Dude, Dont Do This, Its Gonna Make It Awkward As Shit’ But The Time I Could Finish The Sentence, The Photo Was Taken. He Told Me RADICALS Was His Favorite Song And Stood In Shock Until His Mom Told Him It Was Time To Dip. I Gave Him Like 3 High 5’s And Dipped. That Shit Was Awkward As Fuck….I Dont Know If It’s Because He Started Crying And Shit, Or If It Was Because I, Tyler, Meant Something To A Complete Stranger. Either Way, Melbourne Is The Shit! ( fuck i forgot this niggas name, i told you i would post this photo, but i forgot your name nigga so, here) Sorry For Clogging GW With This Shit.

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